Free Video Production for Social Media Posts

free video production

Videos and images rule social media. People live in such a rush that many no longer have time to read very long articles and news then absorb all the information. They’d rather watch or look at images. Note that we are not eliminating the importance of written content because that plays such a huge role in information dissemination. But we have to admit that these days, many people look at images and watch videos rather than click on and read long articles. So many companies and individuals are now looking for free video production for social media posts. Understandably enough, hiring a pro can cost a lot of money and for startups and low-budget businesses, this can be very difficult for them.

When you want free video production, we can tell you straight out that you won’t get the services of a professional corporate videographer because very few would offer free services unless you’re family or a friend. The good news is that you can make good looking videos for free when you use the right apps and software.

Using your mobile phone or your trusty camera, just take a video of whatever footage you want to appear on your video. You can also just compile photos. Then look for a free video app that you can use on your smartphone or your computer.

If you are an Apple user – iMac or Macbook – even with most iPads and iPhones, you can use the iMovie app. This is usually free and built-in to your device. You simply have to drag and drop images and videos then choose from styles, sound effects, add text, and more.

Android phone users can try downloading one of the many apps available for them too – however, more often than not, those apps that you don’t pay for will have a watermark right on the side of the video after editing them, which is not the case with iMovie.

If you could invest in a simple video editing software, then you should. Constant practice will help you come up with some of the best free video production skills you can use for your business’ social media posts.